Jayne is perfectly average in every way.  With the emphasis on PERFECTLY.  She is originally from Texas, but currently lives in the UK.  She plays a variety of arpgs, rpgs, and survival games.  She has two cats.  Oko is my big black cat. Nova (AKA Tiny Cat) is my smaller tabby.


A 36 year old dad that enjoys gaming and meeting new people. Purveyor of Bird Law, talks in TV and movie references far too often. Irrationally obsessed with pugs and puns. Craft beer and Dadjoke enthusiast.


A guy that plays video games on Twitch. And has a beard. A true rarity. 






An avid gamer daily and nightly. The creator of CBmod, a mod for 7 Days to Die that will put your combat skills to the test. 





 A 9 year Army Veteran (88M/10) Non-Combat and avid gamer. She plays a variety of games, concentrating on 7 Days to Die.  One of the founders of the  BSo7 community.




A father of two and married to a wonderful wife. Just trying to do something I love and to trying and make a living out of it.  


I’m a husband, father, and attorney who enjoys playing video games and the process of creating content. In the process of putting full effort into seeing if this is something that he could do long-term! 


 Pika is an energetic variety streamer who loves to try out many different types of games. Into crude and lewd humor? Then she’s the girl for you! Ultimately, her goal is to make an impact within the industry and turn this into something full-time! 


A variety streamer with a specialty in first person shooter.  Get ready to get pwned.




A 40ish game developer who just likes to play games. Being a morning person, he is often alone to play games. He decided to start this channel to grow a community of people to chat with and hang out with while playing video games. As it turns out, people also like to watch him play games with his wife who also likes to play games. Come on in, hang out, say hello. Were all crazy here.


Full Time Wife, and Mom to 4 “little” Tator Tots!! Want to know more? Stop by the stream and say Hello! 




Bean and Maz stream Ark, 7 Days to Die and WoW, along with a few other games they find interesting.  They are married, and have three awesome dogs; Zoey (The Queen; Little Bit), Maxx (Buddy and Handsome) and Jinx (Ya Big Goof).


Focused on community, good times and beardly love. From sunny South Africa, and currently reside here.  Streams a variety of games with a strong focus on franchise play throughs.