Broken Ankle Streamers

We bleed purple

The stream team on Twitch dedicated to excellence in live stream entertainment!

What We Do


The Team

The team is made up of streamers like yourself.  Streamers who have developed an initial following on the Twitch platform, but are ready to take their brand to the next level.  Partnership, a full-time streaming career, or just the ability to improve your  channel--Broken Ankle Streamers may be for you.  The team looks out for one another, promotes one another, and works as a unit to ensure the success of all its members.  

Broken Ankle Team Members

Applying for Membership

Membership on the Broken Ankle Stream Team is determined by the Admin team and based on a number of criteria.  First, applicants MUST have at least 1500 followers on Twitch, at least 15 average viewers per stream, and must stream at least 40 hours per month.  Applicants who do not meet each of these benchmarks will not be considered. In addition, the Admin team considers streaming schedule, flexibility, demonstrated support for other streamers, quality of presentation of streams and panels, social media presence, game choice, and reputation in the community for collegiality and professionalism.   If you think you would be a good fit, and you meet the criteria, click HERE to apply.


The Admins

Broken Ankle Streamers is led by five of the most well known Twitch streamers in the 7 Days to Die community. The admins are dedicated to helping each team member achieve their goals as content creators, entertainers, and as small-business owners. Every decision that the admins make is geared to allowing the team and its members to grow and develop.  Each admin is accessible and willing to listen to input from any member of the team.

Team Schedule